And you may wonder, how do I know Fueling Your. Which entities Google is recognizing in my texts? Well, you can enter the text of one of your news or posts in Google’s Natural Language API . It will extract the entities and even classify them. By categories and weight them according to their relevance to the content. (scores close to 0.0 are less important and those closer to 1.0 are more relevant). Google Natural Language API Example of extracting entities through. Google’s Natural Language API On the other hand. I can’t help but recommend that you play with two tools made with this natural language API and your own.

Weight them according to Fueling Your their relevance to the content

Discover data registered in Google category email list Search Console. They are two Google Sheets templates created by two SEO professionals ( David Esteve and Tobias Willmann ) that allow you to get an idea of ​​which entities are bringing you the most clicks and impressions on your website by entering your best URLs according to Discover performance data in GSC . Trends or evergreen content The content that we can find in Google Discover is usually associated with current trends, latest news and recently published posts.

This is often timeless content, such as lists of recommendations

Normally the contents do not exceed 24 or 48 hours . But the truth TG Number is that we can also find evergreen content . These contents are those published a long time ago but that Google considers especially relevant to you and with information that is still valid. This is often timeless content, such as lists of recommendations or product guides. These articles may even have been published more than two or three years ago and may or may not have been recently updated. Even so, this Google functionality is clearly committed to trending topics , since the search engine itself also suggests what is being searched for in our territory .

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