The to Adobe KLM attracts a lot of attention with their posts. They post many recognizable topics about flying. The posts often receive hundrs of likes. They also use the option to post short videos and polls. This makes their account vari. In their bio they indicate that you can use KLM to share beautiful pictures from an airplane or other fun content. They then reuse this content on their channels including on Threads. This works well. It seems that KLM would like to be and remain present on this platform.


Screenshot Thread KLM WWF Netherlands

Account followers The WWF has also been present at Threads from the launch. Their very first Ghana WhatsApp Database read Come on lets save the planet. Are you participating This is of course everything the WWF stands for and therefore a strong entry. You can see that at the beginning they were still trying to reinvent the wheel. They start with a promotion but it receiv little attention on Threads likes. Maybe Threads isnt the right platform for that In the subsequent posts they got hold of it. Funny and recognizable content does well on Threads. You are therefore immiately ahead when it comes to animals.

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They ask their followers for an opinion

The post invites them to say something about it because of its bizarreness. Screenshot Thread WWF WNF plays with texts images polls and what stands out are the posts that consist only of emoji. I had USA Phone Number seen this before. One of the emoji posts was post around Christmas and here too the welfare of animals is in the spotlight. They do this in a way that suits the time of year. WNF has start posting more often lately. They therefore pay more attention to this platform and may see various opportunities appearing here. TMobile Account . thousand followers TMobile is also a global company and was therefore present on Threads from the beginning of August.

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