HanesBrands uses recycling to divert more than 86% of its production waste from landfills with a goal of 100% by 2020. Now, the company is making it easier for consumers to pitch in when they pitch out its product packaging. Hanes has partnered with How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system that will help the company clearly communicate packaging recycling instructions on the nearly 500 million packages of product it sells in the United States and Canada. Hanes has begun submitting its packaging components for recyclability assessments by How2Recycle, which provides the proper recycling label for each packaging configuration.

Labels identify the type or types of materials

Used in the packaging. What to do with each component. Actions to take before recycling and how to get more information. all in an easy-to-understand Belgium Phone Number Data format. The How2Recycle labels are set to debut in six months on Hanes men’s underwear and T-shirts, with all of the company’s product lines to follow, including socks, bras, panties and activewear. Zero waste, along with significant reductions in energy use, water use and carbon emissions plus an increased use of renewable energy, is part of Hanes’ 2020 environmental stewardship goals.

In 2018, the company recycled more

Than 107 million pounds of fabric, corrugate, plastic and other materials. The company is also focused on increasing the use of eco-friendly materials in its products, including recycled cotton fibers derived from cut fabric waste and recycled polyester New-Zealand Phone Number List filament yarns and fibers. Annually, Hanes uses about 6 million pounds of recycled materials in its products. In August, the company reported that the it reduced its carbon dioxide emissions 34% against a 2007 baseline, due in large part to their increased reliance on renewable energy.

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