On the occasion of the recent launch of Hit Response, Havas Media’s specialized area in brand response where measuring ROI is key to designing the best omnichannel strategy, MarketingDirecto.com has been able to have a conversation with Elena Neila, Digital Business Director of Havas Media and Felip Bergada, Audience Architect director, Havas Media. Both have told us the details of this new proposal that evolves the concept of direct response.

What is Hit Response and what are its uses

At Havas Media they wanted to take advantage of their digital tools and capabilities in order to offer authentic media experiences. « Hit Response’s main industry email list goal is to help companies sell more and be more profitable. To do this, we help them generate greater income with an objective that is normally a sale, but which can often lead to a call to a call center, it can be a download of an application, a contact form, or even store traffic. or on the website,” adds Felip. In addition to these functions, experts explain that Hit Response greatly helps communication ROI, especially aimed at the low funnel, the final part of the consumer in which he is already about to consider the purchase of a product or service. “In this case, everything that is measurable we optimize to the maximum,” adds Felip.

How does Havas Media improve the brand response of the Brands

In addition to Hit Response, Havas Media has various applications aimed at improving the direct response of brands such as TG Numbers HDR (Havas Direct Response), a tool designed to analyze the effect of advertising on business metrics that optimizes the levers in an agile way. audiovisual and radio tactics. In addition, HDR analyzes customer response data at the most disaggregated level possible (considers each spot, wedge, insertion, etc.) and, using advanced analytical techniques, identifies the previous response level and the incremental response generated, determining which advertising characteristics generate the best response. Beyond HDR, Havas Media also has a Suite Experience, developed by its own Business Intelligence teams, which unifies the data from advertising impact to conversion, personalizing the user experience throughout the process and maximizing the return on investment. investment.

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