Not the other way around. This way. the company can talk to the right people . which makes the consumer journey much easier! With that in mind. how about taking advantage of our guide so you don’t waste any more time and start selling more ? Just download it for free here: Buying journey: complete guide to creating your buyer persona 8. Carl W. Buehner Carl W. Buehner“People may forget what you said. but they will never forget how you made them feel .” This is one of the phrases that I particularly believe in regarding the creation of content in Digital Marketing.

Than simple information it delivers experiences

With the competition we have nowadays. the customer won’t open their wallet if what you provide them isn’t something that really makes them feel different . I always like to mention. among some examples of Digital Marketing . the example of R Bull. The product itself is an energy drink like any other. but why is it so successful? Because the brand sponsors radical events; owns football teams in the most famous leagues in the world; There’s a Formula 1 special data team and they’ve even broadcast live a parachutist jumping from the stratosphere: Felix Baumgartner’s free fall In short.

Because well-produc content delivers more

The customer does not see a . Can of r bull as just any drink. It associates the product with all the experiences . That the brand provides through content and .entertainment . 9. Aaron agius aaron agius“ create .content that answers questions and solves problems .have you ever stopp to think that searching on google . For example. Is a very intimate moment? It’s like a confessional! If you have a problem but are. Embarrass .or afraid to share it with someone. You end up asking TG Numbers google “psychologist” first. Right? And when we find a website . That provides exactly the answer we were looking for.

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