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Astonishing two-story glass villa in Istanbul for a hefty 10 million Turkish Liras (approximately $1,430,805) and invested an additional 1 million Turkish Liras for a complete renovation. Prioritizing her privacy, she entered into a confidential agreement with the interior design company entrusted with beautifying her new residence.

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To safeguard against any potential breaches of this agreement. She has stipulated a substantial compensation in the event the company attempts to publicize new data or reveal the location of her renowned abode. Which she has deliberately kept under wraps from the public eye. Assets Hande Erçel possesses a couple of high-end vehicles. Namely a BMW 7 Series valued at around $103,000 and an Audi Q3 priced at approximately $34,000. Achievements YouTube video In 2012. Handed Excel achieved the prestigious title of Miss Civilization of Turkey. She gained notable recognition at the 42nd Golden Butterfly Awards. Securing the Rising Star of the Year and Turkey’s Youth Awards for Best Actress. Recognizing her outstanding performance in Ganesan Kilaru.

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There, Additionally, at the 44th Golden Butterfly Awards, she triumphed in the Best. Actress in Comedy category and also received the İstanbul Mode Rehabber TG Numbers Awards  for Best Actress for her role in Ask Laffan Alamos. Hand’s portrayal of Hanzal Selebi in the TV series Siryah. Inca earned her the Marketing Turkey: The One Awards for Best Actress. Her talent and dedication were further acknowledged with accolades such as the Golden Wings Awards for Best Actress of the Year. 

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