To understand this concept well, we are going to simplify its parts to better understand the whole . If you are interested in learning SEO at a strategic level, I understand that you will already know the basics of SEO. But it never hurts to review the basics. SEO content is the information that we offer on our websites and that is also optimized to position us in the top positions of search engines such as Google. You already know everything that goes into content optimization: determining a KW focus, taking care of its density in the text, using related KWs, working on meta descriptions… and all those actions that we do to work on on-page SEO . Strategy, by definition, is a plan of actions that guides us towards an objective or goal.

Therefore, an SEO content strategy is a plan that allows us

To determine the necessary content that we must publish on our website to achieve the proposed objectives . Easy, right? Well, strategy involves Lebanon Phone Number Data planning and organization. Which is the same, time and effort . That is why it is important that you know beforehand why we should make a strategic content plan. Seventy Banner Why is it worth the effort to create an SEO content strategy? Let’s not fool ourselves, the SEO content plan strategy has its work. If we are not clear about why that effort is worth it, we will not dedicate the time and love it deserves . Reason #1: Your client doesn’t care about you at all your-client-only-cares-about-himself For your client to take you into consideration, you first have to show them that you care about them. Yes, what you hear.

People by nature are selfish .

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You are and so am I. It is not bad, but for those of us who are dedicated to marketing it is something that cannot be forgotten. What matters most Qatar Phone Number to our clients are their problems and wishes. And they are not going to pay any attention to what we want to offer them unless it is something that is interesting to them . You yourself are not going to read this article no matter how much I tell you that it has taken me a lot of work and effort.

You will continue reading if you consider that what I tell you is relevant and will help you with your SEO content strategy. Which is why you are here. If you’re still around. I’m glad to know you think so. Carrying out an SEO content strategy will allow us to detect the information that interests our client and needs to hear. This will allow us to focus on writing content that truly serves to generate business and not write blogs for the sake of writing that are of no use. How do we achieve this? Making content that is interesting to the user. It has to be useful to solve your problems or get what you want.

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