It has long been known that a potential customer conducts thorough online research before making a purchase on the Internet. It evaluates not only the appearance of products, price or their practical use, but also pays attention to opinions.

According to data from the Gemius report ‘E-commerce in Poland 2021’, transactional opinions are one of the main elements influencing the increase in sales and conversions.

Image positioning uses opinions to build a positive image of the brand in a given industry. How customers see your company affects their trust and, consequently, purchasing decisions. My name is Magdalena Brzoza and I deal with affiliate marketing at . In my article I will present how opinions support SEO activities.

Why is it worth ensuring positive opinions

Without beating around the bush, I will answer this question briefly, concisely and to the point:

Transactional reviews are one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers. As many as 95% of users look for and read recommendations of other users on the Whatsapp Number List Internet about products they are interested in, and only based on them do they make a purchase.

There is nothing surprising in such action – the e-commerce market not only in the world, but especially in Poland, has developed significantly in recent years, and the selection of goods on the Internet is very wide. Transactional opinions are designed to tell the user which item is worth buying and which is not.

For Your Online Store What is Image Positioning

Responsiveness, i.e. adapting to the screen of any mobile device. More and more often, customers make purchases TG Number via mobile phones, which generates the need to adapt the website to the parameters of various types of equipment. Observing the activities of competitors and formulating the first conclusions.

This is not the end of the tasks that a positioning expert must face. Actually, what else does an SEO specialist do in the area of ​​website improvement? What does he have to deal with every day?

Strategy, goals, audits – the basic duties of a positioning specialist An SEO specialist has many responsibilities when positioning websites.

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