If your business is not registered on Google Maps. it will never appear in locals. In other words, if your company offers its products or services in a certain location, appearing on Google Maps allows your potential customers to find you. Saving the distance, we can say that Maps fulfills the same function that the Yellow Pages fulfilled years ago. It is enough to review some statistics from Google itself on local searches (those that search for something in a certain location, for example) to understand the relevance of appearing on Maps: 46 % of searches on Google are local. 86 % of consumers find local businesses using Google Maps. 30 % of searches made from mobile phones are related to location.

 Users who search for something close to their location

End up visiting a local business on the same day. 28 % of searches for something nearby end in a purchase. Searches that include the Netherlands Phone Number Data terms where to buy and near me grewWith these figures you are sure to have a clearer. Idea of ​​the extent to which Google Maps is essential for your company. How to appear on Google Maps with your business? We are going to give you two good news. The first is that being on Google Maps is completely free. You just have to create a business listing on Google My Business and fill in the information. The only thing you need is to have a Google account. something you already have if you use Gmail or any other company service. The second is that it is possible that your business already has a Business listing because Google has created it. After all, what Google Maps wants is to be a valuable resource for users, and that is why it is interested in its map being as up-to-date as possible. Creating your Google Business listing is very simple.

You just have to follow these steps: Log in to your Google account. Go to

Phone Number List

For your company name. If there is already a listing created, claim ownership, if not, produce a new company listing. Next, fill out the Mexico Phone Number information requested and choose a validation method (company phone number or postal mail). Through validation you will receive a code that you must enter in the Business file to prove that you are the owner of the business. It is preferable that you use the phone as a means of validation, because the email can take up to two weeks to arrive. Once your file is verified you will be able to complete all the information and manage it without limitations. And now we are sorry to give you bad news. Having a Google Business listing is a necessary requirement to reach your potential clients, but it is not sufficient. Unless you are the only business in the area that is dedicated to your sector, there will be a variable number of competitors fighting with you to capture the attention of consumers. It is no longer about appearing on Google Maps, but about appearing first in the results list. Only then will you be visible and be able to guarantee yourself a good piece of the local search pie.

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