Individual solutions of this type may offer different functionality, for example dividing traffic by its source or analyzing only organic traffic. It is worth noting that checking advertising statistics allows for a more in-depth analysis, but collecting search engine traffic data focuses more on SEO effectiveness .

Free tools
If you want to learn how to check traffic on a WordPress website or another CRM system, we suggest that you use free Google tools. This includes Google Analytics, which – in addition to the total number of visits – also shows information about the demographic data of the recipients.

This, in turn, makes content targeting much easier. Statistics directly in the content management system, on the server or available using plug-ins may also be useful.

Recommended Paid Tools for Analyzing Website

Recommended paid tools for analyzing website traffic include Similar Web. This extensive tool is also available in the basic free version, but the paid option provides users with more options.

It allows you to check not only traffic, but also your website’s position Ws Number List in search results. Another popular option is Senuto – a service that allows you to additionally monitor the visibility of phrases. Alexa, in turn, also provides information about the number of unique users.

This involves setting the goals of the campaigns, carefully reviewing the activities of competing companies and specifying the target group that the website manager wants to reach with the message.

This Extensive Tool is Also Available in the Basic

A thoroughly conducted SEO audit is based on a review of the mistakes made so far. There are situations in which the TG Number website has not been positioned for a long time, the links posted are damaged, and the content leaves much to be desired in terms of substance.

Therefore, before an SEO specialist takes appropriate steps to optimize the website, he should make every effort to eliminate any obstacles that may arise.

Browsers to choose from for color – Ahrefs at the ready
Ahrefs, like Surfer, has long-tail phrase review functions. Due to the fact that this tool is regularly updated, it adapts to the user’s needs.

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