I began to stand up I felt stiff

I began to All I did was lie on the stones and ruins of the last disaster. against the rocks and the logs bleeding. I lost a lot of weight and got weaker and weaker. But I don’t care. Clearing is pointless. There is no point in fighting. This will always be my reality and I will simply accept it and embrace it. Adam. That was Jack’s voice. What are you doing. Nothing. I just answered one sentence. You look like hell. Shall we meet at the bar if you want to come.

I could feel my back scraping

This bar reminds me of Tsunami about a year ago when we sat around  life. I cannot experience any joy. all my friends Both started families and made a lot of money. and neither needed to rebuild their homes very often. No man. I don’t want to go tonight. Jack turned and left. However. the rain has been with me. Thunder still exists. A sense of emptiness grows within me every day. sucking away good memories and spitting them out as examples of Denmark Mobile Database corruption. ridicule. and pain that I no longer have. Despite the great temptation. I just can’t jump off a cliff. Rebuild. even though it’s a living hell. I think. You can’t go on like this forever.

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A table talking about the joys 

Fight again That’s all you can do. As if TG Numbers possessed by something.  all over and my back ached from cuts and bruises. I shoveled. swept. and removed debris that only I could see. After a few months of lying still. the lift increased and my muscles began to protest violently. Still. I moved almost against my will. like rocks and logs. and it was just this unknown part of me that forced me to keep going. I built ramps around the cliffs to temporarily drain the rainwater. then bucketed the remaining puddles and threw them over the.

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