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I tell myself Daily Tracker and Magazine and Magazine Available Pounds Stay strong and stay safe. With Love. reprint with permission from Amy. originally post on I confess. I never hold on to anything. As a kid. I tri countless hobbies. but gave up on them all within a few months. In any case. I couldn’t find something I lik and could stick with for a long time. Fast forward to adulthood. and I’m already a man of many talents. Master of inaction. I can’t form new habits. I’m an ambitious procrastinator. which is a bad mix. I want to achieve greatness.

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Will do it tomorrow.  habits went beyond hobbies Estonia Mobile Database and interests; I couldn’t form any new habits. I’ve tri everything. accountability. alarm clocks. small rewards. but no matter what. I can’t form any new habits. I’m the type of person who nes to keep improving; never stand still. I have to keep moving forward. towards a bigger goal. I easily feel useless or unproductive. I’m going to be the best version of myself; but what if I keep falling at the first hurdle. I tell myself I’m going to get up early; but every morning I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. I told myself that I was going to write a page in my notebook every day.

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The problem with forming new

After two days I forgot all about it.  once a TG Numbers week. but the week is over quickly. Before I knew it. the weeks turn into months. and I couldn’t see the point in continuing. ambitious procrastinator I’m an ambitious procrastinator. which is a bad mix. I want to achieve greatness. but I will do it tomorrow. This year has more interruptions and excuses than ever before. Social mia. endless TV shows. smartphones load with millions of mind-numbing free games. It’s like I’ve plann to fail so I’m too lazy to start. too lazy to give it my all. I’ve been thinking about a book idea for years. but no matter which way I go. I just can’t get it down.

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