The flying to and where youll be staying right If you want to arrive in one piece you ne at least a rough plan. . Put together a package deal that you say you to Many vacancy texts are overflowing with employer branding language . An incribly closeknit team without a to mentality that gathers around the pingpong table during Friday afternoon drinks… It all sounds quite nice but which candidate is convinc by this to give up the current certainties Because yes in this market talent usually already has a good job and a permanent contract.


People rightly think practically

They have to pay their groceries and mortgage payments. With euros Not with a marketbas salary. So please put the euro sign in your vacancy text. And build an extremely attractive package around it. Only a great package deal will Kenya WhatsApp Number Database that people consider your vacancy. So describe specifically what you offer . The number of days off the pension scheme a laptop or company car career opportunities name it all. Immiately. and become interest in the position the employer value proposition also becomes very relevant. Because then candidates will see whether they match you in terms of values and personality.

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Keep your word


Have you been open in the vacancy description and Malaysia Whatsapp Number the interviews about matters such as salary bonus scheme and secondary employment conditions Then keep your word This seems obvious but unfortunately in practice many companies give far too rosy a picture of things. Although this may attract candidates in the short term it is of no use to you in the long term. As soon as they find out that you cannot keep your beautiful promises they are gone. And then you are many appointments further away. This also applies to negotiations about the salary range at a late stage. Companies sometimes want to undercut as soon as the candidate shows interest.

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