The InHouse Marketers k February at am minutes reading New on Miocre management has major consequences from failure to opportunities Generate original ideas Use these working methods W Product in your webshop out of stock This way you dont harm the user experience SEO W Generative AI. We cant ignore it anymore. Especially at Google they talk a lot about generative AI. One by one cool new features are being add to Google products. We now know that the search results page is being overhaul and that we will soon be able to create advertisements with AI technology in Google Ads. And now AI is also being us in Google Maps. There are some nice new features coming this year. In this article I explain five interesting features that will be made possible with AI. Feature . Conversational Search Just say what youre looking for in Google Maps and Googles largelanguage models LLM will analyze Maps data to provide appropriate suggestions for where to go.


This will soon be possible with the conversational


Search feature in Google Maps. for a hip coffee shop in Rotterdam. You type hip coffee Norway WhatsApp Number Database in Rotterdam in the search bar in Google Maps. Within a few seconds you will have all kinds of suggestions via Google Maps. Not only that Google will even be able to presort the results into different categories such as how expensive it is brunch places cafes restaurants and more. Sufficient photos and reviews will be shown so that you can make the best choice.

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Would you like to refine your search further


No problem. Ask a followup question and Vietnam Whatsapp Number will again make appropriate suggestions. Now a search for a coffee shop is quite specific. But imagine not knowing what to do. You can then also ask Google Maps much broader questions such as what to do in Rotterdam on a rainy day. Sufficient suggestions will be generat for this.

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