The within hours. Remember that we operate in a candidate market. If youve found that covet talent dont let it slip away by letting your phone go off for days in an empty room. . Halve the number of rounds yes really I get it I get it you want to thoroughly vet a candidate and get to know them. But how many rounds do you really ne for that And how streamlin is the process Many steps can easily be put together. I regularly hear of a candidate going through the exact same round twice. With two different people.


Cant you just put the HR manager

From round and the director from round together for round immiately introduce them to the Lithuania WhatsApp Number Database members. You dont have to create a separate third round for this which many companies do. Another point how much time is there between rounds If the answer is for weeks please take a closer look at your process. You seem rather indifferent to the candidate. And they just want to feel important. If another potential employer shows enthusiasm by acting quickly the candidate will most likely choose that company while you are preparing for round . Shame . Dont leave candidates in the dark An escape room may be fun for an outing if thats your thing but within recruitment it is a nogo . Dont turn the application process into a puzzle for them to solve.

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Outline a clear process

How many rounds are there What can the candidate Spain Whatsapp Number in the different rounds Who joins when My advice put that on paper in advance and share it with candidates. This way you create clarity and complete the rounds within a reasonable achievable period. Think of the process as a journey. Whether youre a planner or an adventurer you dont usually get on a plane without having any idea where its.

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