The effective for your campaign. In this article I give a number of tips on how you can still advertise your recruitment campaign without this advertising category and thus reach the right target group. Dont set your campaign to employment And now I hear you thinking but isnt that my goal I am looking for new colleagues In turn I would say There are several roads that lead to Rome. I have run a number of successful recruitment campaigns read recruit new colleagues without using the employment advertising category. This way you prevent your ads from being disapprov.


Meta is smart and gets

Smarter every day because of the algorithm. This is also the reason Macedonia Phone Number Database more and more advertisements without advertising category are being disapprov due to discriminatory practices. But how do you prevent your ads from being disapprov Here are 3 things you should pay attention to Do not use words such as vacancy job team colleagues boss employer apply in the ad text. Meta links these terms directly to a vacancy and will therefore reject your advertisement. as a job title and getting to know each other.

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Back to a vacancy and are therefore not reject. The words mention above may also not appear in for example an image or video. Yep even then Meta is on to you… Dont use Stories. Meta immiately recognizes the URL here and rejects it. If you want to use Stories create a separate campaign for this Australia Telegram Number employment as the advertising category. Your target group will then be broad but because the costs for Stories are generally lower you can work with a smaller budget. Algorithm Meta source Sergei Elagin Shutterstock An example You will start a recruitment campaign via Meta for your client or employer. You have an informal company where you can meet potential colleagues for a marketing position in an accessible way.

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