In the words of Carlos Skliar, “to ucate is to do things together, it is to let oneself be affect by the other, not to affect the other, it is the dialogue with the reciprocal awareness of the incomplete.” ucation is a joint effort that guides everyone along the path of good, starting at home and then at school, where each person performs in the best way, with the possible tools that are within the reach of said institution but generating that inherent capacity to help others.I lack willpower, desire and above all I didn’t want to waste my time at Vania Masías’s conference.

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Days before the event, posters announcing his visit were visible throughout the campus, while in our virtual classrooms we announc the presentation date so that students could attend and take this business email list testimony as part of their extra-university training. In any case, the prejudice towards this talent girl last until the moment I was able to listen to her. It is true, prejudice never has to obscure judgment, but no one is perfect: I gave myself the wrong luxury of persevering in my pessimistic and negative thoughts towards her.

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 Negative thoughts, since as a university professor, inclin to books and study, thinking as academic praxis requires, analyst of the topics of my specialty, I believ that a girl accustom TG Numbers to working in television mia had nothing or could contribute to my routine chores. Maybe a little presumptuous on my part, but faithful to my integrity and transparency by always telling the truth. However, error of errors, Vania Masías’s talk turn out to be one of the two most productive hours of my week, and for different reasons.

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