The With the Aim of Optimizing Transparency, Human Talent Management, Customer and Supplier Experience, the Proper Use of Data and Sustainability. In This ition of the Customer Success Experience, Colombian Companies Such as Alpina, Corona, Industrias Haceb, Ponto Hair Club, Productos Ramo, the District Treasury Secretariat and Solla Announc Their Success Stories. “each Organization Finds Its Own Path and Its Own Motivations to Move Towards Digitalization, but in All Cases We Find Some Common Patterns: Greater Cultural.

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Importance of Data, the Desire to Generate a Better Experience for People and an Enormous Desire for Innovation to Evolve Into the Future ,” Highlight Marcela Perilla, President of Sap Lac Norte. Topic Index Automation in the Supply Chain the Power of Data in the Transformation of Large and Mium-siz Companies Technology for Brazil WhatsApp Number Data Customer Service and Experiences the Public Sector, an Example in Transformation Automation in the Supply Chain Alpina, a Colombian Multinational Dicat to Food Production, is Making a Significant Investment to Promote Good Practices in Its Supply Chain. Through Cloud Solutions, the Company is Achieving Greater Control and Analysis of End-to-end Information. This Company, Which Has Been Producing Dairy-bas Foods for.

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Venezuela and the Unit States, is Also Implementing Artificial  Demand, Supply and Finance, Using Supplier Management Solutions and Supply Chain Offer by Sap S/hana. Another Important Aspect in Automation is Relat to Mexico Whatsapp Number List the Use of Robots. In This Sense, Companies Like Solla Have Begun to Use Robotic Process Automation (Rpa) to Optimize Tasks and Thus Generate Higher Levels of Productivity and Savings. Support by Services Like Sap Enterprise Support, the Company Has Mov Towards Intelligent Automation to Strengthen Its Business Processes, Identify Priority Use Cases, Estimate Benefits and Savings Through Bots. Additionally, the Company Has Implement Sap Intelligentrpa to Optimize Processes and Increase Efficiency in Their Daily Operations, Which Helps Them Improve the Quality of.

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