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The deployment of networks in the country. Post on Feb , Laura Suarez Bernal G technology in Colombia begins operations G technology is already a fact in Colombia. After the auction held in December by the government, the operators that were the winners ( Tigo – Movistar, Claro, Wom and Telcall ) will begin the deployment of the networks. “We reach another milestone in the history of the country’s connectivity! We sign last night from @Ministerio_TIC the resolutions that allow winning operators of the G auction to begin the deployment of networks in Colombia as of today.

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GobiernoDelCambio ,” wrote the ICT Minister, Mauricio Lizcano, in his X network account. These resolutions are notifi to each operator that wins the auction that has permission to use the spectrum to bring G to Colombia. Each Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data operator won an MHz block in the , MHz band, in which the new connectivity technology will be deploy . Claro, Tigo and Movistar already deploying G technology At the same time, the operators Claro, Tigo and Movistar announc their plans to begin the deployment of the G network in Colombia . Claro announc the start of switching on its G network, with initial coverage in Bogotá, Cali, Mellín, Barranquilla.

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Soon in other cities in the country. According to the operator, Claro’s G network will show a browsing spe approximately times Turkey Whatsapp Number List higher than the current network, which will translate  and applications, improving entertainment and ucation experiences, among others. While at the business and government level, the connection of millions of devices will be enhanc, benefiting the Internet of Things (IOT) , the development of smart cities or access to telemicine, among many other fields of application. Like Claro, Tigo announc that it turn on G networks in cities in the country. Movistar also announc that in the.

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