The With a Precise Purpose and Clearly Identifi Functionality to an Environment That Can Orchestrate Different Objectives With Data From Different Sources. This is Why the Role of the Systems Integrator in the World of Iot Design is Assuming an Increasingly Important Role as an Orchestrator of Different Objectives and, Above All, as a General Interpreter of This Data, So That the Integration and Relationship Between Different Sources Can Effectively Provide a Much More Real and Deep Knowlge of the Environments.

The Internet of Things Market

Currently in Colombia the Internet of Things Continues to Grow in Colombia , and is Expect to Reach Revenues of $. Billion by , According to Figures From the Analyst Firm Statista. As of This Date, the Iot Market is Project to Present a Morocco WhatsApp Number List Growth Rate of . Until . One of the Protagonists of This Growth Will Be the Automotive and Transportation Sector, Leverag by the Installation of New Mobile Communication Networks (G), in Addition to Government Projects to Bring Connectivity to Other Regions of the Country. Furthermore, It is Estimat That This Year, of Companies in Latin America Are in the Process of Implementing Some Internet of

Things Solution Iot Benefits

Like All Digital Transformation Processes, Introducing Technology Produces Immiate Results Ranging From Better Process Visibility to Improvements in Operational Efficiencies. This is Bas on of the Basic Principles of the Iot, Such as Ethiopia Telegram Number Connectivity and Automation of Operations That, Being Independent of the Human Factor, Work Continuously Collecting Data That Can Be Us to Make Better Decisions. This is Just the Tip of the Spear of Numerous Benefits, Such as the Following Cost Ruction Iot Allows Us to Know What is Really Happening Within Companies, Not Only Optimizing Processes, but Also Knowing the Real State of the Equipment to Schule Maintenance Preventively and, Incidentally, Ensuring That the Operation Never Stops. Stop. Improving Customer Experience by Having.

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