The Rutte and PVV leader Geert Wilders. Be normal man the latter said to the Prime Minister. Whereupon he snapped at him Just act normal . Act normal man. Just act normal yourself. Two sentences that indicate exactly where it rubs.  for another and vice versa. Normal within one culture is abnormal within another. Transgressive behavior normalized The Van Rijn Committee itself writes about the atmosphere within DWDD. Transgressive behavior is considered normal there because it occurred so frequently and was also exhibited by managers and colleagues who were highly respected and supported by management.


Acting normal is exactly what they showcase at DWDD

They consider transgressive behavior normal. They have normalized that Dominican Republic Phone Number Database their culture. Now use that act normal as a starting point for a cultural change. What does normal mean What do you think is normal behavior What do you consider a normal email What do you consider normal feedback What do you think is normal What does normal mean Listen to each other and translate all findings afterwards into invitations and proposals for behavior. Describe these in aphorisms that leave enough room for your own interpretation and bring them to life in a way that best suits your program or department. If necessary hang those aphorisms on the wall or make a podcast of them every week to keep them alive.

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Then everyone knows internally

What normal behavior means and you can continue to discuss this with each other. To tighten or replace those invitations where necessary. So that everyone treats each other the way they want to be treated and can hold Sweden Phone Number other accountable for that behavior. It is the beginning of an organization with a humane culture and committed and connected employees. A warm group of people who feel like a family where everyone feels safe seen and heard. Report falls short The Van Rijn Commission report falls short in terms of practical solutions. How thorough their research how.

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