The With Deaths, With Levels of Inaction or Untimely Action Impossible to Understand. Germany, on the Other Hand, Does Not : It Has Many Infect but Few Deaths. Its Health System – Which is Now Under Significant Pressure – is More Robust Than Other Western European Countries and Has Carri Out More Tests Than Other Countries in the Region. Is the Difference Between Italy and Germany Only the Robustness of the Welfare State, or the Leadership Position in Europe? Obviously Not. It is Also About Political Decisions.

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Democracy Works. The Same Can Be Said About France, Which Still Supports Health Structures Deriv From Welfareism, but Which is in the Midst of a Crisis: It Has Almost Deaths and More Than , Infect. Is Everything Due to the Weaknesses Belarus WhatsApp Number List of Welfarism (Which Macron Defends in Times of Pandemic but Which He Often Questions Outside of It )? Obviously Not: These Are Also Political Decisions. Macron Did Not Postpone, in the Middle of the Pandemic, the First Round of the Municipal Elections (Which, Logically, Had a Record of Abstention). Despite the Differences in Decisions,  Already Much Discuss Crisis of the Welfare State Became More Evident. And It’s Not Just Because of the Coronavirus.

There Were Problems in the

Health Systems, but Also in the Decisions Link to Quarantines: Part of the Citizens Who Do Not Receive Income – or Italy Whatsapp Number Who Receive Very Little Monthly Money Through Target Assistance Policies – Had to Isolate Themselves, in the Same Way as Those That They Do Have Resources to Do So. This Was Clearly Visible in the Countries of the Periphery and in the Most Impoverish Countries of Europe. Countries Like Swen, Denmark or Norway Fac the Epidemic Correctly, Not Only Because of Their Spe, Wisdom and Political Agility, but Also Because They Have, Even Today, More Robust Welfare Structures. Even With Differentiat Strategies.

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