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It has recently been estimat that. Every day. We are expos to a number of advertisements of between 6.000 and 10.000 and that this number is only destin to increase. In a world now saturat with signs and symbols and similar content. It is not surprising that many consumers are identifying personalization by brands as the key element of their interest. In fact. A forbes study highlight that out of 1.000 people interview . 90% want greater customization and 80% are more likely to invest in a brand capable of offering personal and dicat experiences. These personaliz experiences do not necessarily have to be the result of complex processing. But can already be

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Strategic marketing trends over the next year (and beyond). The rapid and constant technological evolution. Characteriz by disruptive innovations that follow one after the other. Generates the ne to keep pace in all sectors. Including marketing. These advances translate into new ways to reach consumers with ever-increasing expectations. Year after year. It is essential. Therefore. That marketers monitor the context of technological evolution constantly. In order to remain relevant. So what to expect as we welcome the new year? b2b leads Here are the 10 strategic marketing trends to look at in 2020. 10 strategic marketing trends for 2020 customization to overcome market saturation

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Levels. From micro to all star influencer. To match the context consumers find themselves in with their purchasing journey. With v-commerce brands such as huda beauty. Glossier and drunk elephant. To name some of the most disruptive in the industry. It is imperative for traditional brands to identify the correct cross-voice or voice mix strategy to remain competitive. Retain existing customers and grow thanks to new ones. To find out more about marketing trends in the beauty sector and  TG Numbers the investment flow of some of the top beauty brands in the luxury market and mass market. Download our latest report;now approaching and it is the right time to look at the 10

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