This feature allows businesses to display their ads in TikTok search results. Search Ads Toggle makes use of the creativity of advertisers that they have already used in In-Fee Ads and is present when users perform relevant searches. Appearing next to the organic search results. Thanks to this. Advertisers can expand the reach of their campaigns and reach an audience highly interest in their products or services. This allows them to increase user engagement and ultimately  their potential revenue by reaching those who are searching for relevant information about their brand.

When Search Ad Toggle is enabled

Ads are automatically generated using pre-existing creative content and present alongside relevant user queries in organic Philippines Phone Number Data search results. These ads will be label “Sponsore” and display in different locations on the results page. Bas on their relevance. User intent (as express in their searches. Search Ads Toggle opens the door to delivering exceptional experiences and providing relevant information to all users. They can explore new content on TikTok, rediscover old content. Or search for the latest articles. Ideas or fashion trends.

Where do the ads appear

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The usual search process begins when a user taps the search button at the top of the For You Fe. Then. They enter a query. Which generates a list Lebanon Phone Number of results. Ads are display within these search results. When a user selects an ad from the results. A TikTok Fe-like experience opens. Allowing users to continue exploring search results in the same order in which they appear on the page. Enable and disable Search Ads Toggle The Search Ads Toggle feature is automatically activat every time an account launches an In-Fe ad campaign. By keeping this feature active.

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