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The the Relationships of the Subjects With Their Environment. The ucational System, Due to Its Massiveness, Obligation and Expansion Throughout the National Territory, Concentrat Multiple Demands and Fac Mobility Restrictions Trying to Preserve the Link With Students. Unlike What Was Happening in the Northern Hemisphere, Argentina Began the Sequence of Quarantines and Restrictions as Soon as the School Year Began. Inde, After the Sanction of the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation (Aspo), the Ministry of ucation of the Nation Through Resolution No. / Establish the Suspension of in-person Classes.

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Valuable Weeks to Prepare for an Unknown Virus, the ucational System Had to Guarantee, From One Day to the Next, Its Continuity in a Completely Different Dynamic. That Enormous Organizational Machinery of Contemporaneity, the Cultural Machine (as the Essayist Beatriz Sarlo Call It ) and Which Was Already Going Through Difficulties Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List in Thinking About the Tensions Typical of the Time, Had to Change Its Form. Since Then, the Country Has Gone Through an Unequal ucational Continuity According to the Connection Possibilities of Students and the Support of Families. The Situation Caus the Disconnection of Many Students, Particularly Serious at the Secondary Level, an Area That Already Had Multiple Problems.

This is Not the Space to Recover

These Discussions, but During Those Months Reflections, Books, Webinars, and Documents From Different Academics and Organizations That Address the Existing Problems Proliferat. In the Month of August, After the Winter Switzerland Whatsapp Number List Vacation Break, the ucational Proposal Was a  Opening of Different Commercial Activities, the Demand From Some Sectors to Return to the Classrooms Also Grew. The Slogan ” Open the Schools ” Outlin by the Organiz Parents Organization Join Discussions Promot by Other Actors Such as Families for Public Schools. In the Months of October and November—already in a Situation of Preventive and Mandatory Social Distancing some Jurisdictions Plann the Return to Classrooms, in a Ruc.

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