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The Matt Mullenweg Stop using the Classic Editor Plugin When Gutenberg WordPress . was new about years ago many people install the Classic Editor plugin. This way you could continue to use the old and familiar itor.and sometimes money to adapt your website to a new format. In January the Classic Editor is still us by many worldwide there are still around downloads of the plugin per day. Interesting detail I even typ this article in the Classic Editor Plugin After six years the time to stop this has really come.


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Get rid of the Classic Editor plugin and hop embrace the new Iran Telegram Database that WordPress offers. Experiment try a Fu reactions like bookmark Alfr Verhoeven from BRIGHT Marketing Solutions Marketing the Rainbow .k February at PM minutes reading New on Frankwatching BB sales is evolving from sales first to expertise first Fri Comma period apostrophe everything you ne to know about punctuation marks Fri Are Dutch jobs at risk en masse due to AI do The Super Bowl is a mega sporting event with an impact on advertising. Now that sport er… football is not very popular here and the broadcast takes place during our night so we wont watch much live in the Netherlands . However its influence and attention has increas if only because of the recent fight between Trump and Taylor.

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US this year. It is also an interesting phenomenon in USA Email List of diversity. Some time ago I describ the impact of this mega sporting event on advertising in How the Super Bowl Chang the Advertising World . Because the viewing figures are so enormous advertising costs are correspondingly high. In the s you still paid for a second spot in the million mark was exce . in it was already . million in it took the biggest.

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