Luis uardo González and He

The Colorado Party Account for Around of the Votes. From the Appearance of the Fa , the Party System Chang to a Multiparty System, Which Consolidat Its Tripartite System Between and .. Not Only Did the Election Increase the Effective Number of Parties in the System and Break With the Three-party Balance That Had Exist Since , but the Appearance of Ca With of the Votes Represent a Novelty, Since Since the Emergence of the Fa No New Political Party Had Obtain More Than in the First Election in Which It Compet.

The Very Gradual Changes and

High Stability Have Given the Uruguayan Party System the Qualification of “Institutionaliz.” the Results of the Election Indicate That, in Addition to Being a Stable Party System, It Has the Second Dimension Highlight by Rafael Piñeiro and Fernando Rosenblatt That Must Be Consider to Define a System as Institutionaliz: the Ability to Incorporate the Representation of Demands Coming From of Sectors That No Longer Feel Germany WhatsApp Number List Represent by Existing Political Parties. The Emergence of Ca and Its Incorporation Into the Party System Are an Example of Attracting Voters of Low Socioeconomic Level Who Us to Vote for Fractions Locat Further to the Right Within the Traditional Parties, or for the Popular Participation Movement, the Sector L by the Former President José Mujica, Within the Fa.

The Uruguayan Party System

Can Be Analyz in Terms of Blocs. The Pioneering Work on This Topic is by Divides the Parties Into “Traditional” and “Challenging”. The First Include the Colorado Party and the National Party, Both Locat in the Italy Phone Number List Center-right of the Ideological Spectrum and as Old as the Country Itself, Which is Why They Are Also Call Foundational; the Latter Include the Fa and the Independent Party (and, Previously, the Nuevo Espacio), Locat on the Center-left, and Which at the Time González Publish This Classification in.

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