The vague and openminded their recommendations sound. Starting with their recommendation Provide recognition and aftercare. Van Rijn wants to mark the latter as emphatically as a starting point. Aftercare is certainly important yes or no but it seems to me anything but a starting point. What good is a handful of aspirins every day if you dont do anything about the underlying condition The starting point of a safe working environment is creating a loving organization with a humane culture and committed and connected employees. Such an organization starts with the management as I describe in my book Hart voor Zaken.


Because it is not the quality of leadership

On the work floor that determines the culture of a company no it Ecuador Phone Number Database in the boardroom. If they close their eyes to what happens in the workplace they give others below a license for toxic leadership and transgressive behavior. Then you can install as many confidential counselors counters complaints committees and external assessment committees.  measures as possible. But if a company is not headed by a loving leader then no fence is high enough for transgressive behavior.

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Management cultivates a companys culture

Leader is at the service of the other Under the recommendation Develop Switzerland Phone Number competencies I read that the Van Rijn Commission believes that public broadcasters should pay more attention to the selection and development of managers and their leadership qualities. With the bonus tip Appoint more managers who are not only competent in terms of content but have also proven to be good at managing staff. Leadership is not just about leadership qualities. Managers must above all give must provide warmth. Maybe someone can lead technically well. But if he does that like a jerk without any love for the people in the team then no form of leadership works. A manager is at the service of the other. It is someone that others.

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