Marketing analytics is the measurement and analysis of marketing data to seek patterns and insights that can improve marketing performance. If you’re doing digital marketing, you’re swimming in a vast pool of actionable data. But if you’re not using tools and techniques to discover, analyze, and interpret this data, then you’re swimming with your eyes closed. To help you learn what  can do, we’ll cover the following: First, can answer questions vital to any business, no matter the size.

Here are a few common

How are our campaigns performing? Are we spending money on the right marketing channels? How do we compare to our competitors? Knowing those things is great, but it executive email list gets even better. Measuring marketing performance opens the door to improving it. For instance, if you notice your PPC campaigns on Facebook are starting to bring less traffic, you can do something about it. You can try improving the ads or even moving your marketing budget elsewhere and then comparing results. Or maybe you’re in a situation where you need to set goals for yourself, your team, or your contractors. You can base those goals on an analysis of past performance and get a quantifiable reference point.

How else will you

Know if, let’s say, increasing website traffic by 15% in one month is enough or even doable? Finally, data can help you get your point across because numbers TG Numbers are persuasive. You can use real numbers from your past marketing efforts to prove that you’re positively impacting the business. Marketing analytics can also help make well-grounded predictions that you can use to fuel your marketing strategy, e.g., securing a higher budget for the next quarter.

The past is super important to marketers. It’s because the story with marketing usually goes like this: First, you use some marketing tactic. Then you give it some time to generate results. Finally, you check on those results. On that note, will help you answer questions such as: How much organic traffic did our content generate last quarter? How many new leads did Campaign A generate compared to Campaign B? What was the conversion rate from trial sign-ups to paid subscriptions? What was the average cart abandonment rate last year?

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