The After the Scare, the Dangerous Overlap of Commercial Banking With Investment in High-risk Assets Continu to Be Allow, While Land Grabbing and Tax Havens Continue to Be Two Major Destinations for Surpluses From Speculation. The Concentration of Wealth in the Richest is Not Accidental Nor is It Due to a Greater Entrepreneurial Effort by This Minority. A Good Part of Its Assets Are Unproductive for the Real Economy. A New Design of the Global Economic Architecture Was Not Consider. On the Other Hand, the Commodification of Life Has L, With Varying Degrees of Intensity, to the Dismantling of Public.

Health Systems in Almost the

Entire World Without Failing to Recognize Undeniable Progress in Increasing Life Expectancy, for the Majority of the Planet’s Inhabitants, Satisfaction of the Right to Health is Still a Chimera . Covid- Has Expos the Breakdown of Cyprus WhatsApp Number List Health Systems in Those Countries That Once Had More Robust Systems; in Other Cases – the Majority – Efficient Health Care Remains a Scarce Public Good, Especially in the Global South, Where Millions of People Die Annually From Conditions Preventable With Better Nutrition and Greater Public Investment in Health. In the  Emergency, There is a Risk of Forgetting the Environmental Emergency.

That is Shaking the Planet

Although With Less Mia Coverage Than the Economic Slowdown and the Exponential Expansion of Infections and Deaths Due to the Virus, the Increasingly Frequent Occurrence of Droughts, Floods, Extinction of Species Cambodia Phone Number List in Fauna and Flora, Decrease in Glaciers and Forest Cover, Among Other Phenomena. During These Months, the Temporary Ruction in Air Pollution and Other Snapshots of Environmental Relief Occur for Reasons Unrelat to the Effectiveness of the Measures That Should Be Adopt Bas on, for Example, the Paris Agreement. It Took an Unusual Event to Extinguish the Economic Beast of the St Century. This is Call Change by Catastrophe, and It Will Always Tend to Cause.

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