The management style customer contact way of working physical workplace and IT. About how you experience your onboarding your opportunities in learning and development and whether you are leaving as an ambassador of the organization or not. A positive EX has a proven impact on business and peopleorient result areas such as engagement innovation wellbeing and customer satisfaction. EX is seen as the third wave within human experience thinking in organizations. After the rise of user experience UX and customer experience CX the employee himself is now central. That hasnt been the case for very long. In the first Director of Employee Experience in the Netherlands was appoint at ABN AMRO.


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A handful of people on LinkIn with EX in their job title.  in their LinkIn profile. Happy Belarus Telegram Database  shutterstock_ A . for employee experience EX has been in the list of top HR priorities worldwide for a number of years now and is now in the top in the Netherlands . Growing attention but are organizations also taking steps The last research into EX in the Netherlands had the following results The own organization receiv a . for employee experience.

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Itself as advanc had not yet start Less than Canada Email List with an EX strategy in mind Only pick up EX in multidisciplinary teams Only train themselves in EX methods such as employee experience design So there is still plenty of room for improvement. The driving force behind employee experience Who is actually the owner of the EX So who will take the initiative who will make it happen who is responsible and who will pull the cart The subject affects so many facets of the organization that it can only be a success if the entire organization is aware of its importance and has the will to work on it. The best EX is achiev when.

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