The Lesbos. . In Israel, Where the Right Governs, but There Was a Possibility That It Would Be Evict From Power by an Alliance Between Centrist and Progressive Forces, Benjamin Netanyahu Also Took Advantage of the Coronavirus. According to Journalist Sylvain Cypel, the Israeli Prime Minister is Provoking a “Coup D’état in Slow Motion . ” Bernard Avishai, Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Points in the Same Direction.

In His Opinion Netanyahu Took

Advantage of the Necessary Isolation to Remain in Office After, Two Weeks Ago, After the Official Vote Count of the Last Election, It Became Clear That His Political Bloc Had Three Seats Less Than the One L by Benny Gantz, the Leader of the Blue and White Coalition. The Controversy Reach Such a Point That the President of the Supreme Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Court of Israel, Esther Hayut , Stat That “the Keys to the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) Are on the Table: Whoever Wins the Elections Goes and Takes Them, but It Turns Out That “Someone Has Put the Keys in Their Pocket.” and Yuval Noah Harari Stat That “in Italy, Spain and France, Emergency Decrees Are Promulgat by a Government.

That the People Have Elect

Not by Someone Who Does Not Have the Mandate of the People.” Finally, Way by Taking Advantage of the Citizen Urgency Caus by the Coronavirus Crisis: He Manag to Get Gantz to Give Him His Support to Govern for Months, With the German Whatsapp Number Commitment That He Will Leave Office at That Time and It Will Be Gantz Who Will Assume It. In Latin America, the Punitive Right Also Took Advantage. Martín Vizcarra, the Peruvian President Who Present Himself as a Liberal but Who End Up Showing His Authoritarian Side, Declar a Curfew That Already Enabl Abuses by the Army Against the Most Vulnerable Sectors of Society . The Minister of the Interior of the Bolivian Government That.

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