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The with a broad target group. Therefore use an accessible message and introduce yourself as an employer in for example a video. In the tell phase you target the people who watch 50 of your video. Apparently there is interest from them and these people already know you a little. In the second phase people already know you and you can use. A direct message in which you mention the benefits of working at your organization to convince them. The action is central in the sell phase. Send them to the vacancy page and let them take action. Circumvention leads to specific targeting If you want to target a specific target group within a recruitment campaign because in your experience this profile best matches the position you should bypass the employment category.


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Words in text or images. Consider vacancy work employer colleagues. Instead use challenge grow and get to know each other. What are your experiences From government officials to marketers many Mexico Phone Number Database currently rely on ChatGPT for their AI nes. A recent survey among 137 municipalities by EenVandaag shows that approximately threequarters of civil servants use ChatGPT for tasks such as collecting information brainstorming and drafting texts.a clear insight into the precise use of this technology by employees.

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Innovation in balance power and ethics As a board member policy officer or strategist within the municipality you are aware of the increasing role of AI technology in shaping future strategies and decisionmaking. In this digital age it is crucial to not only leverage powerful AI tools but also to keep Canada Telegram Number and privacy concerns top of mind. The following ethical and privacy considerations are important when using AI Transparency and explainability AI systems must be transparent about how they reach conclusions. Privacy and data protection It is essential to protect personal data and comply with privacy laws. Bias and discrimination Avoiding prejudice and ensuring fair results without discrimination.

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