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Luxury and cosmetics brands plann to implement influencer collaborations by the end of the year; looking at 2020. This percentage is certainly destin to increase. Looking at influencers. Therefore. What type of collaborations should a brand invest in? Obviously it depends on the marketing objectives but we found that. Among the four types of influencers that exist . 45.5% of professionals in the flb industries believe that micro-influencers represent the most appropriate level of influence for their brand . Why? Not only because the majority of budgets are orient towards micro and mid-tier influencers. But also because the audience driven by micro-influencers is more likely to

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The algorithm measures the impact of placements and mentions on different voices in the fashion. Luxury and beauty industries . To determine how brand value is creat. Through which activities and where. Increase in partnerships with influencers as mention above. Consumers are eager to connect with brands that offer authentic experiences through their marketing efforts. This is where opinion leaders (influencers) become part of the strategies. Helping brands to extend the reach of their message to the business lead target audience. Through a reliable and recognizable voice . In our the state of influencer marketing 2019 report . We found that 80% of fashion.

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Adopting a wide range of storytelling strategies to reach and maintain consumer attention has become a must for companies. These strategies are different as the number of stories to tell is different (brand content. Influencer integration. Ugc. Etc.). And therefore. As investment in storytelling becomes increasingly important for companies in all sectors. Evaluating their performance becomes essential. The nature of storytelling. In fact. Consists in the analysis of performances in quantitative but also  TG Numbers qualitative terms; something that. For example. We take into account in launchmetrics through our proprietary mia impact value ™ (miv®) algorithm.

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