Obtaining Opinions in the E-commerce Industry

A recommendation system is one of the most important marketing activities that an online store should focus on. Opinions about the brand and products have great potential, which is worth using in image positioning and more . Customer recommendations influence sales and the already mentioned SEO.

Opinions and SEO – Google My Business business card
When deciding on activities in the area of ​​internet marketing, remember that they complement each other. That’s the thing with customer reviews and SEO.

Opinions are comments and ratings given in the form of text, as well as gold stars that appear in, for example, Google My Business . And as we all know a business card can be positioned!

Stars in Organic Search Results Positive Opinions

The effect of this is very simple: users are more likely to visit a site listed in GMF if it has high ratings. Nay! The opinions and stars themselves are verified by Google robots, which proves that they influence positioning .

Having high ratings also affects your listing’s position in search results. This is extremely Whatsapp Data important for local positioning . A high position of a business card often affects the company’s visibility on the Internet and the company’s revenues.

So if your online store has a real location – it may be a stationary point – make sure to obtain real opinions from your customers.

Product reviews – long tail keywords Did you know that you can also use product opinions in the positioning of the online store itself?

Product Reviews Long Tail Keywords Did You Know

Regardless of your product range and the industry in which you operate, product recommendations can distinguish you among companies TG Number with the same or similar offer. Opinions displayed directly on the product card will support the description because. they may contain long-tail keywords !

Examples of such phrases include women’s sports shoes, or shampoo for colored hair + brand . These words are used naturally by the client, so they reflect his language well. If another user enters a similar phrase in the Google search engine, your product page may be displayed in a high position thanks to the review .

Stars in organic search results
Positive opinions can increase the CTR in organic search results and thus improve the attractiveness of your position.

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