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If it is true that different strategies work for different brands. It is equally true that the greatest value is achiev through a cross-voice strategy. Which reaches all possible consumer touchpoints. Dior make up for example. Consistently achieves good results in terms of performance. Thus accumulating the highest miv® ($317 million) for luxury brands in our report behind beauty: understanding tomorrow’s marketing investments. Voice split is also uniform compar to competitors. Because marketing expenses are allocat in all five areas:own mia. Partners. Mia. Celebrities and influencers. Additionally. Dior makeup has divid influencer and celebrity activations across a series of

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If on the one hand the brand wishes to attract loyal customers who have purchas the products for years. On the other it must evolve to maintain its relevance also for the customers of tomorrow. Different generations have traditionally often reli on magazines to seek out product information and recommendations. However. While the mia is still a key resource. 65 % of young people rely on social mia to discover and select cosmetic products . Estée lauder receives 61% of its miv® from voce mia. Through likes from good housekeeping and b2b email list cosmopolitan. But at the same time has consistently invest in influencer marketing (23% of the total miv® generat).

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The market research phase for new products. Into the gloss readers . In fact. Are 40% more likely to purchase products than people who only visit the glossier website. In this case. Content is the king. And this is reflect in glossier’s voice split where the three voices that generate the highest roi for the brand are: mia. Influencer and own mia. Their best post for the own mia channel in october (which generat more than 20% of their total miv® for the month). Is actually the re-posting of an image of one of their fans – a recurring element in most part of their contents. On the other hand. Brands  TG Numbers like estée lauder with around 73 years of history have start to rirect their marketing investments to reach a greater number of consumers. In fact. The age range of estée lauder consumers is vari;

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