Through carefully designed transition animations, visual effects and sound feedback, users can feel that they are participating in a special ceremony, which enhances the emotional connection between users and the APP. 2. Personalized experience By using intelligent algorithms and user data analysis, it can be customized according to users’ personal preferences and usage habits, thereby providing each user with a unique experience and making each user feel valued and cared for. 3. Enhance user engagement Ritual design can attract users’ attention and enhance their participation. Inspire users’ enthusiasm and desire to continue using it by setting goals, reward systems, rankings and other elements. 3. Composition formula.

Trigger layer The starting point of the sense

Background, node, cause, etc. It can be the user completing a task or reaching a certain goal, which provides the foundation and motivation for the sense of ritual. 2. Participation Germany Number Data layer The key to the sense of ritual is to make users feel involved and make them the main body of the ritual. Users actively participate in the ritual process by completing tasks, clicking buttons, and interacting with other users. 3. Element layer The core of the sense of ritual is to enhance the user’s sense of participation and ritual nature through ritual elements. These ritual elements include visual elements .Such as animation) and sound elements (such as sound effects). 4. Value layer

The sense of ritual is not only a ritual experience, but more importantly

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It gives users a meaning and value. This meaning can be a sense of achievement, satisfaction, belonging, personalized experience, etc., stimulating Taiwan Phone Number their emotional needs. And motivation to use. Anything with a sense of ritual has the above four characteristics. Below, combined with some specific cases, we will analyze the actual cases of ritual sense and what are the entry points: 4. How to apply Applying a sense of ritual in APP design can improve user experience and increase user retention. Here are some ways to apply ritual: 1. Launching ceremony Design a ceremonial welcome or guidance interface on the APP’s launch page, new functions, new pages and other first-time nodes to attract the user’s attention and increase their sense of expectation. This can be a dynamic loading page. A well-designed welcome screen, micro-interactions, and more.

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