The Do You Want to Know How Companies of the Stature of etb and Their Allies Can Contribute to the digitaltransformation of Your Business or City? We Start With Our Hangout, Join the Broadcast We Open Prior to etbtrendingsummit — Ict Impact (impactotic) April , “technology Has Allow Human Experiences to Be Highlight in the Transformation Process, and That is What We Want to Highlight at the Etb Trending Summit.

That is, How Technology is Just

Means to Build the Human Experiences That We Have Promot” Fabián Villalobos. Etb Will Celebrate Years Since Its Creation and, Over the Years, It Has Demonstrat a Process of Transformation and Changes . In Addition to Its Contribution for Years in the Distribution of Fiber Optics Throughout Bogotá, as a Goal to Bring South Korea WhatsApp Number List Connectivity, It Has Also Manag to Be the Bridge So That the Digital Transformation Occurs Through Human Experiences. Topic Index Where is Technology and the Digital Transformation of Companies Going? Human Experiences Hand in Hand With Technology Get Ready for the Etb Trending Summit Where is Technology and the Digital Transformation of Companies Going? In This Process of Change, Paola Aldaz Talks About Two Fundamental Concepts.

Adaptation and Adoption Which

Are Totally Link to Technology and Innovation and, in Addition, Must Be Part of Business Processes. “Today, All UK Telegram Number Companies Are Working With the Concept Call ‘total Experience’, Which is Having a Total Experience Strategy, Not  Capable You Are as a Company of Transferring It Within Organizations ,paola Aldaz Points Out. In His Experience, This Technological Process is Not Only Bas on Spe, but Also on Intensity When Achieving Changes. In These Changes, an Example is Etb, Which Has Manag Not Only to Remain in the Market, but Has Also Been Able to Understand the Nes of Its Clients and the Integration of These Technologies With People.

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