In other growth in the current year and in the coming years. A business plan is create for internal for efficient business development) and external  in order to obtain subsidiesnees. The document should contain detaile information on the planne project, and at the same time it must be relatively concise, coherent and transparent. The business plan is drawn up for one year on the basis of the development strategy. We recommend Osterwalder model or traditional business plan? Business plan and development strategy The development strategy should be the pillar of the functioning of every enterprise. It is the company’s action plan.

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Define as a process during which the company focuses on the implementation of its main assumptions survival on the photo editor market, development, building a competitive advantage and strengthening its position on the market. The development strategy specifies the goals, sets the resources neee for their implementation, defines the stages and scheule of activities, and defines the indicators of measurability of success. A detaile development strategy usually covers around 3-5 years. On its basis, a business plan is prepare. Creating a business plan and development strategy is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowlege.

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Employees or supervisory boards. Corporate strategic consulting and CSR Strategic consulting is relate to the issue of corporate social responsibility. CSR is the responsibility of companies for their impact on society. It is investing the company in human resources, environmental protection, or relations with the environment TG Numbers and informing about the actions taken. Common components of CSR and strategic consulting include: cultural, social, technological and economic trends, market environment, adopte social norms and principles, demographic changes, cultural differences. We recommend Areas of CSR that are worth introducing in your company CSR activities should be well plan.

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