Other Priorities on the Agenda

The Filling the Void Where the Capacities of Countries and Regions Are Not Enough. Whatever the Cause of Covid-, It is a Consequence of the Transgression of Biophysical Limits. Surely, It Will Not Be the Last Fateful Event Capable of Detonating Imminent Crises That Have Been Silently Brewing. However, Its Unprecent Features in Human History Should Be Convert Into an Opportunity So That Once the Greatest Emergencies Have Pass, There is an Unprecent Social Mobilization to Demand and Propose a Change in the Rules of the Game on the Global Board. That is Why It is Vital That Fear Does Not Win the Game.

Whether the St Century Will

Be a Continuous Cascade of Disasters and Emergencies or a Turning Point for New Trajectories of Well-being Will Depend on the Decisions Made in the Nascent Decade. Collaboration for New Society of the Fes-transformation Project.what Does the Uruguayan “right Turn” Mean? Rosario Queirolo in the Elections in Uruguay, the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List National Party Return to Power After Three Decades and, in a Country That Remains Divid Into Two Blocks Practically Equal in Size, a Center-right Coalition Manag to End the Frente Amplio Government Cycle. The New Government Took Office With the Mandate to Ruce Public Insecurity and Ruce the Fiscal Deficit.

However, the Covid- Health Crisis

Less Than Two Weeks After Taking Office, Impos. What Does the Uruguayan “right Turn” Mean? The National Elections L to the German Phone Number List Victory of a Center-right Coalition L by the National Party, One of the Traditional Political Parties, and Luis Lacalle Pou Became the New President of Uruguay. The Election Happen in Two Rounds, Since in the First None of the Political Parties That Compet Obtain an Absolute Majority. In the First Round, Held in October , the Frente Amplio ( Fa ), a Left-wing Party That Enter the Election After Three Consecutive National Governments (From to ), Obtain the Majority.

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