The first of all because the degree of knowlge and preparation of our speaker was above the average level, even of some teachers from prestigious study houses. It will be the result of her travels, her long career around the world, having liv for years in another country and having hon that ability to adapt to situations and contexts different from her own. Those capabilities that many call “soft”, and that today represent the axes of the new methodologies of the teaching and learning processes. The second factor was his conviction and determination for what he does.

Fundamental Reference for

 That characteristic that without a doubt leads one to success. Statistically proven, even according to a calculation by Unit Nations experts who maintain that to achieve success you ne a good dose of determination, a lot of desire business lead and a lot of discipline. The third factor is those good vibes , to put it in youth terminology, that characterize it. If it is true that knowlge opens thousands of doors for us, as does imagination, which according to Albert Einstein surpasses the power of knowlge, it is totally true that attitude leads us to achieve our highest purposes.

Further Reflection on

 The attitude, that state of mind that is express in a certain way. That emotional disposition to transmit something effectively to connect attention. Dowry or virtue that is undoubtly enviable, so much so that some countries even had presidents, more than because of their political abilities, because of their attitude. An example of this is the former Italian Prime Minister TG Numbers Silvio Berlusconi. I could go on listing the factors that chang my opinion of the talent Vania Masías. I could go into the methodological aspects us, the social aspect of their initiatives, but far from wanting to overload this space, my purpose, making a mea-culpa , is to invite reflection on the prejudices that all of us have towards others.

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