I have made the exact base models and sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images. This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day When I get the images ready for publication, all I have to do is search for suitable images from the image bank ( Apixaban ) upload images to Canvas place with the appropriate text on the prepared base download them to the machine name them correctly (i.e. without gimmicks) and finally upload to the blog / social media channel. The plan requires effort, but the time spent on it is worth it. You can download the spreadsheet task plan here to make it easier to get started . Set aside time for yourself to write on the calendar. , for example, in situations where there are small children at home. You may have to talk to your spouse about childcare shifts or teach the children to give you uninterrupted time. 2014 – 2015 when I was unemployed and preparing to start a company, I made a “Mother at work” / “Mother free” card from A4 cardboard.

Writing may take a little longer

When it was time to “work”, I turned the “Mom at work” side out and placed it on the door handle of my study. I told the children that when this side of the card is visible, then mother must not be disturbed. After two weeks of studying, I could write for 2 hours without interruption. small, for example setting a goal of 400 words in 30 minutes. Now that you know your topic, benefit and goal, start by outlining the body of your blog post. Ask yourself questions that the reader is likely to think. By making new data the body in advance, you avoid spreading too much and the content becomes pleasant to read. And what’s best, when you have already thought out the body and the questions, writing is really just answering the questions. The more carefully and in detail you have thought about the previous stage, the easier it is to write now. If you decide to write three blog texts, it will take a total of 1.5 hours.

Answers to the questions in the

You can sprinkle the time into your own schedule as you like. How long should a blog post be? This can be argued about later, but my most popular, most read and most shared posts on this blog are all over 1200 words. blog texts, as long as they find the content useful. This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day much work. Even TG Numbers short blog texts are ok. You can also always update previously published writings, extend them or write more in-depth texts alongside them, if you feel like it. The important thing is to start. Implementing a writing more efficient. And writing gets faster the more you write. This is how you write 3 blog posts in one day.

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