Prejudice never has to obscure judgment. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what color your skin is or who your parents were. What matters is your essence and until there is an opportunity to demonstrate it, no one should ever point an accusing finger at you, judge you or criticize you. Immanuel Kant, through a common thread in both Critique of Pure Reason (1781 and 1787) or Critique of Practical Reason (1788) and Critique of Judgment (1790), sternly invites us to eliminate prejudices, understood as judgments prior to taking a position.

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 Thanks to this girl, Vania Masías, for reminding me that prejudice not only fuels wars, hatr, xenophobia, but also hinders the lucid criticality that leads to the obscuration of sound judgment. I assume, in short, a mea culpa so that prejudices do not obscure our judgments.Fire is a good prelude business database to point out, paradoxically, that the only thing permanent is change. A piece of ice evaporating is a good start to point out, emphatically, that everything “solid” vanishes into air. Images that can be constantly recreat in our minds reinforce the idea that everything changes, that everything appears chaotic.

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 A somewhat catastrophic vision, some would say; However, it can become an opportunity. In his lectures, Erik Wahl, world-renown graffiti artist, privileges the visual metaphor of painting that he captures live to capture and catapult our imagination TG Numbers towards more creative, innovative and, why not say it, profitable dimensions. Now, can we contribute to this objective through ucation? In other words, is it possible to teach how to be creative and innovative? We could not do it under a model that privileges linear or unidirectional thinking, and that does not allow for divergent thinking.

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