The themselves the about us page is an underestimat tool. Unseen a visitor shows interest. Your organization is on the radar. The organization is eliminat or moves on to the next round. There may have been previous personal contact via social or in person. In that case the visitors brain looks for confirmation of the same image and feeling of the organization on the about us page. If there has been no contact before it is the first impression that counts. An impression that leads to personal contact or not. Whether or not to make an online purchase. Everything and everyone already exists There are few companies with a truly unique offering.


Everything and everyone


already exists or is quickly overtaken by the time factor. Tesla is no longer the Hong Kong Phone Number Database manufacturer of electric cars. Uniformity results in nearly identical about us pages. Replace the company name with the competitors name and the same story emerges. Take for example customerfriendly fast delivery and good quality. Those are not USPs but those are hygiene factors . We no longer live in the 1970s. Nowadays the customer expects this to be in order. Both with you and with your competitor. Choose or not be chosen want to appeal to everyone. Thats not necessary.

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Dont try to serve the world

But only the visitors who believe in the mission of the organization . Dont choose a target group but be chosen by the target group. The only thing that matters is a connection with a Australia Whatsapp Number customer. Thats not everyone but thats a person. Someone who takes the time to get to know the organization. This group of people may be smaller in number but it is easier to make an impact and contact among likemind people. Small target group source Vitalii Vodolazskyi Shutterstock Emotional differentiation The purpose of the about us page is to give visitors an idea of the organization. What does.

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