The the publication of a new article a poll to gain insight into the opinions of our followers or a funny spontaneous post such as our post on Valentines Day . The likes differ per post. Sometimes there are sometimes there are . The number of clicks is not yet significant but the followers continue to trickle in. As far as we are concern it is too early to give up Threads as a new channel. We will continue with our current strategy and of course keep an eye on developments. Screenshot Thread Fw No Threads post but I do have an account Then there are also large companies that have creat an account after the launch but do not yet do anything with it. For example Heineken only post post and then no more.


Philips also has no posts along with ANWB


NOS and BNNVARA. BNNVARA may not post anything but Tim Hofman who works there Guatemala WhatsApp Database other things is going wild on Threads with his debroervanroos account . Tim Hofman Thread screenshot  in the spotlight. NPO doesnt even have an account on Threads. Would this be an agre strategy or just goodwill from Tim Screenshot Tim Hofman thread It is interesting to see that large companies want to participate in being present on a new platform but are not active on it and will not be active on it.

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Is this a conscious choice


Do they want to wait for other companies first Or do they not see the add Africa Phone Number of the platform What do you think Let us know in the comments. So companies on Threads When I see the different companies and accounts it seems that everyone is still figuring it out in their own way. One seems to come up with a strategy another posts anything to find out what works and another seems to just wait it out. The platform is new.

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