Startup comes out with a customer payments app. of businesses around the world. Suppose any of these businesses accept cashless payments; that number becomes a potential customer. However. only digital or smartphone payments are allowed there. So if the average business generates dollars per year using the app. that’s dollars. For . the calculation is slightly different. Formula Average Keyword Search Volume for all keywords in the segment Let’s explain. you are targeting a specific keyword in the segment. For example.

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If you were a children’s toy company. your  relevant sections. such as children’s toys or play equipment. All of these keywords collectively have an average search volume. Multiply the two (or add up the search volume for all keywords) to get your Cameroon Mobile Database estimate. Other industry experts formulate the following. Potential Market Competitive Position So you multiply all users (in billions) by the percentage of users that applies to you. As an example of the total addressable market. if you were a business in Texas. you would determine the share of users in Texas and divide that by the overall. The problem with this approach is obvious.

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It’s not specific. Plus. calculating your TG Numbers competitivethan summarizing the search volume for a keyword. How you use yours can count as a product. a content marketing strategy. or even a blog post. Just identify all the keywords related to the topic in question and multiply that by the average search volume. (Note. This method tends to slightly overestimate results because some searches come from the same user.) Also. you can estimate actual traffic by multiplying the total potential market by the click-through rate for each location. For example. the post on the search engine results page gets all the traffic. For the.

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