The Meaning of the School. The Outbreak of the Pandemic Finds the Progressive Sectors of the ucational Debate—including the Teaching Unions—abandoning Positions. Support for Health Care Measures Occupies Almost All of the National Government’s Efforts, Conditioning Its Ability to Participate in the Pagogical Debate and, in This Context, Conservative Sectors Take the Opportunity to Display Slogans Link to the Historical Flags of ucational Progressivism. These Flags Now Appear Modifi in Their Fundamentals and Ultimate Meanings.

Despite This the Progressive

Sectors Have Not Known How to Position. Themselves in the Debate and Have Given the Right-wing Three Concepts Dear to Their Perspective: Presence, Proximity and Encounter. Raising the Ne for a Possible and Careful Presence, is It Left or Right? Proposing That Deepen Injustices From the Point of View of the. Possibilities of Vietnam WhatsApp Number List Participation, Socialization and Learning, is It Right or Left. Proposing the Ne for an Urgent, Organiz and Heavily Financ Reparation, is It Left or Right? Left-wing or Progressive Manage, First of All, to Dismantle the Empty Slogans of the Right. “Open the Schools” is Not, Per Se, a Progressive Position if It is Not Accompani by Clarity in Terms of When, Where and How. Even Less So if It Does Not. Distinguish Between ucational Establishments Attend by the Middle and Upper Classes and Those Attend by the Popular Sectors.

This However Cannot Be an Excuse to

Maintain the Current State of Affairs: the Left Cannot Close Itself and Abandon Its Historical Proposals. They Must Be Put to Vietnam Whatsapp Number List the Test, but With Seriousness and Nuances, in This Context. The Task of Progressivism is, Ultimately, to Deepen the Ways of Addressing the Complexity of the ucational Challenge, Rather Than Attempting Automatic Alignments With Weak and Hesitant Positions. To Do This, They Should Be Able to Criticize the Errors of National Government Management Without This Implying a Convergence With the Positions of the Right.

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