The and Microsoft . New features for Microsoft Ads optimize your advertising strategy In addition to all the cool placements and collaborations Microsoft Ads has also been working on new functionalities within the interface. Some features such as lead form extensions and PerformanceMax campaigns are copies of what is possible in Google Ads. Other functionalities such as Cashback promotions and the Cost Per Sale CPS bidding strategy will only be available through Microsoft for the time being. I have listed the most important functionalities . Conversion value rules Conversion value rules allow you to provide additional value information that is not yet in your account.


For example you can adjust conversion

Values based on factors such as geographic location device type and audience characteristics. Suppose you attach more value to a conversion from Rotterdam than from another city then you can indicate in Microsoft Ads that it Finland Phone Number Database receive more value. This functionality allows advertisers to further refine their bidding strategies. .  promotions on Edge to improve users shopping experience. These promotions will be automatically added to shopping ads through the Bing Rewards system and will only be available on desktop.

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With a shopping advertisement


A cashback icon will automatically be shown via the Bing Reward system. If people buy the product they will be eligible for cashback through Bing. Sellers of the product therefore do not UAE Phone Number to give cashback. Cashback Microsoft . Cost per sale CPS biedstrategie This is a new bidding strategy via Microsoft Ads that we can hopefully test this year. Instead of paying for every click on your ad you only pay when a conversion actually occurs. They do say that the system will bid fairly conservatively so your ads must be relevant enough to be shown. . Performance Max PMax campagnes Microsoft has now officially launched PMax campaigns . This campaign type will have exactly the same functionalities as the PMax campaigns via Google. It is an allinone campaign

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