And the 10th KTÜ Media Awards for Most Admired TV Series Couple, which she shared with Kerem Bürsin for Sen Çal Kapımı. Philanthropy Hande Erçel is not only celebrated for her acting prowess but also admired for her philanthropic endeavors and commitment to social causes. She passionately advocates for children’s rights and has made significant charitable contributions, further deepening the bond with her fans.

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In February 2023. Handed Excel came together new database with a group of Turkish celebrities to rally support. And donations for the individuals impacted by. The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey. She stands as a beacon of inspiration for young girls in Turkey. showcasing through. Her career that dreams. are achievable with hard work and dedication. Her success serves as a testament, motivating many aspiring individuals to pursue their ambitions. Also Read: CZN Burak Net Worth – Monthly Income, Assets Controversy During the earthquakes in Turkey.

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Hande’s sister, Gamze Erçel, posted a tweet on her social media account that sparked controversy and was perceived by many as racially insensitive towards TG Numbers  Syrians affected by the natural calamity. Hande Erçel faced another controversy when rumors surfaced suggesting she had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her cheeks, lips, mouth, and eyes, stirring discussions about her appearance. Hande Erçel has built a strong financial standing through her short but successful career. 

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