The today watch video more than photos and static posts. Yes they are also push extra by Instagram so it is the chicken or the egg you may wonder. Just like with TikTok when you watch Instagram  you dont yet follow. The short video algorithm us to be bas on what you and your friends lik but has now shift to an interestbas distribution or distribution system of content. Instagram can tell from the total viewing time and the total time spent in the app whether Reels is preferr or not. In combination with the algorithm so with the promise that every user will get what they want.


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About the reach of Instagram Reels and the average watch time of Reels but Meta itself announc that Reels are the most popular format for sharing in DMs. And since sharing is a key engagement component that means engaging Nepal WhatsApp Number Database are one of the best ways to reach new audiences and entertain or inform your current followers. Also read Content calendar better planning greater involvement and more impact Push reels According to Instagram itself the most important signals to push a Reels are the following Who Whose posts do you interact with If you like or comment on someones content more often youre more likely to see their posts in your fe What What type of content are you working on For example if you like gadget content the algorithm will show you that type of content more often When when a message was post also matters when you see it.

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Our scroll on the app so it will choose what Thailand Whatsapp Number priority Start thinking about interaction Since interaction is an important element albeit not the most important think about how you can get viewers to respond to your video when creating the Reel. Consider interaction elements such as watching the video forwarding likes.

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